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A Voice for B.C.’s Forgotten Farmers

The BCALOA’s mission is to advocate on behalf of farmers and agricultural landowners and occupants, working with all levels of government and other organizations to promote the viability, sustainability and preservation of independently owned and operated farms and farmland in BC. We believe that the farmer is a forgotten but vital voice in the discussions about preserving and revitalizing farmland.


In early 2019, we were brought together by a common concern about governmental policy changes affecting owners of land in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Historically, there has been a lack of consultation and engagement with the people who are building homes, livelihoods and planning their future in the ALR. Recently, farmers, ranchers and land owners throughout British Columbia have started raising concerns about changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act (ALCA). The amendments, Bill 52 and 15 have far-reaching effects and were pushed through quickly with limited community consultation or stake holder communication.


We are an organization led by a group of landowners and farmers concerned about the viability of farming in BC.

Please email BCALOA at info@bcaloa.com if you are interested in joining us.

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