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We are a 100% Supporter-Funded Organizaton.

All member dues go towards our advocacy work and operational expenses.

The BCALOA will be:

– A strong, united voice to advocate for your rights as an ALR property owner or occupant. We

ensure that your experiences and perspectives are included in the conversation around policy

decisions that impact your home and livelihood. We will be heard.

− A vigilant presence that monitors policy changes and keeps you up to date on issues that affect

your farm, property, and home in the ALR. We will be watching.

− A source of current resources, connections and opportunities that support sustainable agriculture

in the ALR and across the province. We will be informed.

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We need your support to set up the foundation for this province-wide organization.  Each one of us has some power and influence but together we have much more than the sum of our individual talents.  Together we are strong.  Membership is $20 per year.


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