The mission of the BC Agricultural Land Owner Association is to represent ALR land owners and residents, support farmers and ranchers in achieving their goals, and promote sustainable farming on agricultural land. We will work with all levels of government, the ALC, and with like-minded groups interested in advocating for the rights of ALR land owners.

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We need your support to set up the foundation for this province-wide organization.  Each one of us has some power and influence but together we have much more than the sum of our individual talents.  Together we are strong.  Membership is $20 per year.

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ALR Land Owners account for 5% of BC’s land mass.

Make your voices heard.  The majority of the Agricultural Land Reserve is located in areas far from the seat of government and densely populated areas of the province where decisions are made.   We advocate for the rights of all agricultural land owners throughout the whole province.

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